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Bart Rovers

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Hidden deep in the jungles of Peru, between steep mountains and high peaks, near the raging Vilcanota River, lies Machu Picchu at an altitude of about 2400 meter, the city of the Incas. My dream trip is a multi-day trek through the tropical rainforest, to this hard-to-reach city that is literally in the clouds.This trek is challenging to say the least, a journey that cannot be made without a thorough plan. But despite thorough preparation, my improvisation and perseverance will also be called upon again and again during this trip.

My entrepreneurial life is also most like a voyage of discovery. Already at the age of 21, just out of school, I realized that my work as a fitness instructor and lifeguard would not be my final destination. It was the beginning of an interesting journey of discovery through various beautiful places and inspiring experiences. I was general manager of Sport centrum Eersel, interim manager at Libema, owner of several gyms and general manager of SpaPuur and SpaSense. Eventually this led to my current destination: Profitz. The thread that connects all these experiences is my vision on entrepreneurship. For me this is mainly about accepting challenges, discovery, organization, growth, change, hands-on mentality and perseverance.

Be Brave, Take Risks. Nothing can substitute Experience. – Paulo Coelho

Johan de Rooij

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Traveling for me is not about reaching the destination. In fact, there is no final destination. Again and again there is a bend in the road(there will always be a new turn to take). The moment you pass it, you enjoy the view but immediately see the next bend( another turn). The effort to find the right way and to be able to enjoy the beautiful views again and again makes the journey itself the most beautiful. In the same way, the ultimate reality keeps changing.

There is always an additional layer. The story becomes more complete and more beautiful. I am fascinated by the stage on which our reality takes place. That’s why I’m very involved in theoretical physics. By observing physical phenomena, you get (a slight) idea of how reality is put together and how it works. And the same goes for your business conditions. You know more than you think, but for that you have to ‘unravel’ the different parts that make up the problem or challenge. By looking at the world in this way, I can help both start-ups and more experienced entrepreneurs. My business background and 30 years of experience as an independent entrepreneur and consultant, also help of course.